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A caring home, away from home...

Phone: 717-737-6080
Hours: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday

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daycarestaff1At Little Steps Child Care & Early Learning Center, we recognize that the key to your child’s success is the quality of our teachers. That is why we carefully select the most compassionate and qualified professionals to care for and teach your child.

Little Steps Child Care teachers are here because educating young children is much more than a job to them—it’s their passion. Their joy stems from providing children with “teachable moments” that captivate their imagination and cultivate their desire to learn.

A Little Steps teacher’s “successful day” includes a toddler’s first two-word sentence, the potty training success of a young preschooler, the writing of his own name by a four year old, a Pre-Kindergartener’s beaming face as she reads aloud her first word, and the award of the pre-school graduation certificate, marking the confidence and readiness of a soon-to-be kindergarten student.


















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